We are the 2nd grade travelers!

Hello...Hola...Al Salaam a' alaykum....Bonjour....Konichiwa...Zdravstvuite...Ni hao !

We want to promote classroom explorations, creativity, curiosity, connections and communications;

reaching out from our spot on Earth..... to your spot on Earth !

Although we speak only English, we are excited to learn more about our friends

across this planet we share!

Contact: michellel@gorhamschools.org

Mrs.L's 2nd grade from Gorham, Maine (U.S.A.) writes:

We are studying Mexico and have requested some epals to converse with in Mexico City, Mexico. First we plan on exchanging
some daily temperatures and weather information...and then we plan on exchanging local animal and habitat information so we can learn about what is happening at each location. Meanwhile, we have been reading informational books about Mexico, rainforests and deserts. Soon we hope to compare these two "spots" on the globe and ask our friends to join in our conversation about where they live.

Feel free to post your descriptions, questions and poems about your home and habitat (or our home and habitat) right here! We will try to check in bi-weekly to share what we have learned as well. (Please list who you are before you type..so we are clear who is "talking")